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JSCraftCamp 2019

A BarCamp about JavaScript and Crafting Software

date_range19th July 2019 - 20th July 2019
location_onVirtual Identity AG München, München, Deutschland



The focus of this BarCamp are JavaScript and related technologies. Possible topics are: Popular frameworks like AngularJS and React, the latest ECMAScript standard, languages like Elm or TypeScript which transpile to JavaScript, server-side programming with node.js, paradigms like event driven programming or future technologies like WebAssembly.

Crafting Software

Have you ever struggled with an huge old JavaScript codebase? Or rolled your eyes about an 'undefined' is not a function error? We will discuss which tools, practices and architecture patterns – from continuous integration to modular components – can help to create and maintain long-living, evolvable JavaScript applications.


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