gwant [╦łkvant] - super, nice, cool

How it works

The main goal is to provide a single source with an easy to use interface where you can find all upcoming conferences.

With the help of our great dev and UI/UX community all over the world, we're able to gather information about all upcoming talks and make it public accessible for all.

About Us

We are students of the University of Applied Science Salzburg and we are working on this project as part of our master's degree.

As we love attending conferences, we were looking for a place to view upcoming talks and schedule them. But there was none. So we decided to come up with our own idea.

Inspired by and repositories like asciidisco's web development list we wanted to help the community and simplify the whole process of looking up and actually finding conferences, conferences and talks. And here we are.


We don't just want to collect information, we also want to provide it for others.

You can use our data for your own projects.